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The OASIS Story

The Oasis Story Cover.png

In May 1996, a Christian friend was visiting us for the launch of the Joshua Project in North Wales and was attracted, by the Lord, to a large derelict property called the Puffin Hotel. It was located on three and a half acres of prime land, just off the A55 Expressway, in a lovely location on the North Wales coastline set between the sea and the mountains and overlooking Anglesey, Puffin Island, and the Great Orme in Llandudno.

We prayed, at his request, on the actual grounds of the Hotel and the presence of the Lord was awesome, with a mighty anointing coming on all those present. The Spirit of the Lord spoke very clearly and directly into the situation and confirmed that this was God's direction and that He wanted to use this building for His work and His Glory.

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