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Verse of the Week: Happy Easter

Have you ever watched a film or read a book and found yourself getting more and more frustrated that the character can't see what's about to happen?

I was reminded yesterday, while hearing the story of Jesus riding on the donkey into Jerusalem, of the definition of "Hosanna"

The people surrounding Jesus that day were shouting for Him to save them from the situation they were in with the Romans. They had been waiting for years and years for the answer to their suffering....and here He was, riding on a donkey - probably not what they had anticipated. It's so easy as we are reading the story, to wonder why they couldn't see the Saviour of, not only them, but the entire world entering Jerusalem in front of them.

How often do we feel disappointed in the answer to a prayer because it's not what we want?

The thing that I was struck with the more I pondered this question, was that in the midst of the disappointment, Jesus was still there. He was in the crowd with them. The answer God had planned for them, for their good, and not for evil or hurt. They just couldn't see it yet.

At this Easter time, I just wanted to encourage you that Jesus is still in the saving business. The answer may not be what you expected or even what you wanted, but your Saviour is still orchestrating good things for you. Call out to Him to save you, to presence Himself with you, and He promises He will be there right with you. "Behold, I am with you always, to the very end of the age..."

There is a song linked below for you to enjoy!

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