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What are you listening to?

Society and culture is full of words, words that change meaning, words that can be broken, words that can cause offence, and words that we just aren't sure what they mean anymore. It's easy to feel bogged down by the weight of this...BUT...isn't it a comfort to know that we have the Author and Perfecter of our faith writing, speaking, and singing words over us that cannot be changed, broken, or confused.

The words of our Heavenly Father bring life, peace, joy and so much more in the midst of the battles and triumphs of life. If we are allowing anything in, be it our own thoughts, friends, family, politicians, celebrities or just random people on the internet, that takes away from what God has promised then we need to realign our minds to listen to the voice of Jesus. 

Let me remind you that God is not one who lies. He is faithful to keep His promises concerning you. He doesn't change His mind and opinions like we do. His words are constant, and something we can hold onto in the midst of other voices all around us.  He doesn't disappoint, He doesn't bring chaos, He doesn't leave you up the creek with no paddle. 

I would like to encourage you to keep speaking to God but give Him time to answer. Allow Him to bring to mind words back or reveal new promises to you. What has God said to you? What promises has He gently brought to your heart just at the moment you needed them? 

"The grass withers withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God endures forever." - Isaiah 40:8

I have attached a song for you to listen to all about the words of Jesus and hearing Him above all else. 

God bless you and thank you for all that you do for Christ and His Glory. 

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